Kanguru Remote Management Suite (KRMC)™



Manage and Customise All of Your Secure USB Drives From One Conventient Console


KRMC (Kanguru Remote Management Console) is a powerful way to manage secure USB devices containing sensitive data around the world. KRMC stores no data, which is maintained on the encrypted devices, yet it is a robust program for administrators to keep track of the wherabouts of secure, hardware encrypted USB devices anywhere in the world.

There are two main mediums through which organizations can use KRMC; either through the secure Cloud interface hosted by Kanguru, or hosted through the organization's own secure server - KRMC Enterprise. Both options offer adminstrators the ability to track, monitor, provision, enable and disable USB drives, along with many other great benefits. KRMC Cloud has two options: KRMC Cloud for a single administrator, or KRMC Cloud Pro for unlimited administrators. Kanguru Remote Management is flexible to accommodate your specific needs and budget so please feel free to contact us for an architecture that will work best for your organisation! 




  • •  Track And Manage USB Drives Worldwide from one convenient console
  • •  Self-Service Password Management
  • •  Disable/Delete Lost Or Stolen Devices
  • •  Automatic Global Provisioning
  • •  Streamlined License Management
  • •  Configure and Deploy Quickly and Easily
  • •  Search, Audit and Report on Secure Drives
  • •  Set Up Online & Offline Permissions
  • •  Generate Reports
  • •  Export Audit Logs
  • •  Manage PasswordStrengths 
  • •  Notify Users And Roll Out Policy Updates 
  • •  Schedule Password Changes
  • •  Restrict IP Addresses and Domains 
  • •  Enforce Policies






Want to See How KRMC Works?

KRMC Architecture




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