Defender® Self-Service Password Management (SSPM)

Subscription-Based, Self-Service Password Reset


Quick Overview:


Everyone can be forgetful from time to time, but if you forget the password to a secure flash drive, the inability to access important data could become a painful experience. Kanguru has developed a convenient, optional new feature that enables customers to reset their own password in the event it is ever needed. 


Self-Service Password Management (SSPM) is a subscription license-based service that provides Kanguru Defender Secure USB flash drive users with the means to reset their password if it is ever forgotten.


Please Note -

KRMC Cloud / Enterprise Subscription Model Customers:
Self-Service Password Management comes standard with your KRMC account. This option will only need to be purchased separately for clients with non-KRMC-managed USB drives.



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  •  •  Unlimited reset of your password if ever forgotten (with
        valid license)
  •  •  Secure email mechanism to regain access to your data
  •  •  Available in 1-Year, 2-Year or 3-Year Subscription Licenses




Technical Specifications:

Model Number KAN-SSPM-1Y

Supported Flash Drives Kanguru Defender 3000
Kanguru Defender 2000
Kanguru Defender Elite300
Kanguru Defender Elite200
Kanguru Defender Elite30
Kanguru Defender Elite
Kanguru Defender Basic
Kanguru Defender Basic+




If you've ever forgotten your password, you know how upsetting it can be to not be able to access your data. With Kanguru Self-Service Password Management, you won't have to worry about it.

Product Description

Self-Service Password Management (SSPM) is an optional, license-based, new service available to any Kanguru Defender secure flash drive user. With SSPM, a user will designate an email address that will be used to reset the Defender’s login password if and when the need arises. Customers can choose to purchase either a 1-year, 2-year, or a 3-year SSPM license.

NOTE: Customers who already have a KRMC Cloud or Enterprise Subscription account can immediately take advantage of this service as part of their Kanguru Remote Management Console, and therefore do not need to purchase this separate service.

For clients with non-KRMC Cloud / Enterprise managed USB drives, Self-Service Password Management is an optional feature that will provide a secure means to reset their password in the event it is forgotten. This prevents a potentially painful situation that some find when they forget the password to a secure, password protected drive, rendering their data inaccessible. The following Defender drives are supported:

    •  •  Kanguru Defender 3000
    •  •  Kanguru Defender 2000 
    •   •  Kanguru Defender Elite300
    •   •  Kanguru Defender Elite200
    •   •  Kanguru Defender Elite30
    •   •  Kanguru Defender Elite
    •   •  Kanguru Defender Basic+
    •   •  Kanguru Defender Basic



Kanguru Solutions does not have access to your data or your passwords. Your Defender® devices are AES hardware encrypted where access to the data is restricted to you. Kanguru cannot recover access to your data if you forget your password.

As a result, Kanguru highly recommends Self-Service Password Management.

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