Kanguru Releases Kanguru FlashTrust™: The World’s First Unencrypted USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Secure Firmware


Kanguru has released the world’s first unencrypted, USB 3.0 flash drive with onboard, secure firmware to protect against the potential risk of malicious attacks like "BadUSB". The digitally-signed, trusted firmware offers consumers and organizations the same level of secure firmware protection typically reserved for encrypted, high-end flash drives to unencrypted USB device users.



Written by Kanguru Solutions — November 03, 2014

Kanguru Announces New Partnership with Tresys Technology XD Air Support


On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, Kanguru proudly broadcasts its Press Release regarding our new partnership with Tresys Technology’s XD Air™ support for Kanguru Defender FIPS 140-2 Certified secure USB Drives.


This support offers Critical Infrastructure and Enterprise clients in areas of Government, Military/Defense, Intelligence, etc. with the most comprehensive method of deep content analysis for USB devices before allowing them back into a trusted network if they are used off-site, and confirms that they are “known content” and well-trusted on the network. By offering this support, Kanguru provides unprecedented security and performance for highly-elevated security environments.


View the Press Release below. 


Written by Kanguru Solutions — September 25, 2014

A Note Regarding Recent Reports of the Risk of "BadUSB"


To Our Kanguru International Channel Partners


Recently, reports have indicated a new class of malicious attack called “BadUSB”, which focuses on USB technology, more specifically, the USB device firmware. In response to this, Kanguru provides this attached letter for your convenience, to assure you and your customers of Kanguru’s quality and commitment to data protection on USB devices.


We have also posted this response on our website if you would like to refer to this online link.


Written by Kanguru Solutions — August 06, 2014

Kanguru Heads "Down Under" for A Visit With Its Australian Distributor

Earlier this month, Kanguru executive Nate Cote visited our offices whilst in Australia. Read below for what our international visitor had to say...


This week marks an exciting visit by Kanguru to our Australian Distributor based in Sydney, Australia. The trip "Down Under" was made by Nate Cote, Executive Vice President of Kanguru, who met with several of the Bellridge staff to congratulate them on a great year and look forward to what's ahead.


Bellridge is an important leader in providing integrated IT solutions to institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. As Kanguru's partner for nearly four years, Bellridge shares Kanguru's commitment to offer the highest level of quality secure products and services to customers. Kanguru is proud to have Bellridge as our "Aussie Distributor", and looks forward to many great and successful years to come.


Picture: Enzo (left) and Nate (right) walk the "BridgeClimb" together in Sydney Australia, overlooking the Sydney Opera House. The Kanguru / Bellridge partnership has been "bridging the gap" for providing secure USB products to both sides of the globe for more than four years.


Written by Kanguru Solutions — June 17, 2014
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