Concerned about BadUSB?


In a recent Black Hat security event, researchers revealed a potential threat to USB technology, pointing out that any USB peripheral, including printers, keyboards, computer mice, webcams or flash keys, could be open to the possibility of a savvy hacker physically changing the firmware to deliver infective malware. Although this would be a difficult thing to do, the news, known as "BadUSB", has worried some that even secure USB flash drives, hard drives, and solid state drives could be vulnerable to such type of physical tampering. The truth is, Kanguru Defender® USB drives are more secure than ever thanks to the onboard digitally signed secure firmware. Those fears can be put to rest because Kanguru's secure USB drives have you covered.


By design, Kanguru's firmware is inherently protected with what is called digitally signed secure firmware. This fundamental feature makes it nearly impossible for any firmware-based attack to be successful on Kanguru's secure USB drives, making them the most trusted USB devices on the market.



How to Protect Your Organization from "BadUSB"


Use only trusted Kanguru Secure Hardware Encrypted drives or Kanguru's unencrypted Secure Firmware USB to protect your data


Make a company policy to stay away from cheap, plastic USB drives from untrusted sources and do not allow them on your network


Use Kanguru Remote Management for managing, monitoring and disabling lost or stolen USB drives within your network anywhere in the world


Use Kanguru Device Control to ensure rogue USB devices aren't being used on your network



Written by Kanguru Solutions — November 03, 2014

Kanguru Remote Management for Secure USB Drives Offers Complete Global Control of Sensitive Data on Deployed Drives


Kanguru unveils the most advanced, global remote management application for enterprise organisations managing encrypted USB drives with a robust upgrade for Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) Enterprise Version 6.0.


KRMC 6.0 combines the convenience of conducting business on secure USB drives around the world, with the benefit of being able to manage those devices wherever they may be used. Administrators can manage their secure USB data storage devices anywhere with new and enhanced user-friendly upgrades through the confines of the customer’s own server, and the ability to effectively managea wide range of critical security and usage issues.



Written by Kanguru Solutions — November 03, 2014

Kanguru Releases Kanguru FlashTrust™: The World’s First Unencrypted USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Secure Firmware


Kanguru has released the world’s first unencrypted, USB 3.0 flash drive with onboard, secure firmware to protect against the potential risk of malicious attacks like "BadUSB". The digitally-signed, trusted firmware offers consumers and organizations the same level of secure firmware protection typically reserved for encrypted, high-end flash drives to unencrypted USB device users.



Written by Kanguru Solutions — November 03, 2014

Kanguru Announces New Partnership with Tresys Technology XD Air Support


On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, Kanguru proudly broadcasts its Press Release regarding our new partnership with Tresys Technology’s XD Air™ support for Kanguru Defender FIPS 140-2 Certified secure USB Drives.


This support offers Critical Infrastructure and Enterprise clients in areas of Government, Military/Defense, Intelligence, etc. with the most comprehensive method of deep content analysis for USB devices before allowing them back into a trusted network if they are used off-site, and confirms that they are “known content” and well-trusted on the network. By offering this support, Kanguru provides unprecedented security and performance for highly-elevated security environments.


View the Press Release below. 


Written by Kanguru Solutions — September 25, 2014
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