Bellridge-Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus Subscription

Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus Subscription

Quick Overview:


One (1) or two (2) Year Anti-Virus subscription for all Kanguru Defender Secure Devices providing world-class anti-virus protection. In addition, the device with this anti-virus protection can be used as a portable virus scanner to detect and fix any virus issues on the host PC.


Advanced Features:

  • •  Onboard Anti-Virus
  • •  Powered by BitDefender
  • •  Real-time virus and malware scanning
  • •  Scan any host PC for viruses and malware
  • •  Automatically checks for updates
  • •  Free definition updates for 1 or 2 years


Technical Specifications:

Model Number KAV-RENEW
Supported Devices

Product Description

Kanguru Solutions, manufacturer of secure, portable IT storage solutions, and BitDefender, an award-winning provider of anti-malware security solutions, have partnered to provide world-class antivirus protection to Kanguru Defender secure flash drives, secure hard drives and secure solid state drives.


The addition of BitDefender's antivirus protection further enhances the Defender device security with real-time virus and malware scanning. These anti-malware features prevent the drive from being used to spread malicious programs to unsuspecting host computers.


In addition, the Kanguru Defender device can be used as portable virus protection, scanning any host PC for issues and fixing problems found.

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