Bellridge-Kanguru Endpoint Protector - Mobile Device Management

Kanguru Endpoint Protector - Mobile Device Management

Monitor and Control Mobile Devices Used Within Your Organization


Quick Overview:

Mobile Device Management (MDM) provide administrators with powerful monitoring and protection abilities for today's busy BYOD environments. With the widely-adopted use of mobile phones and tablets helping to conduct business more efficiently, it also opens up risks that administrators need to get a handle on in order to maintain a safe working environment.



Advanced Features:


    •  Manage mobile devices on the networks

    •  Create strong security policies

    •  Control App use

    •  Manage passwords

    •  Manage device encryptions

    •  Remote wipe / lock / disable devices

    •  Easily locate lost or stolen devices anywhere


Technical Specifications:

Model Number KEP-MDM-Series
Device Control (DC) Compatibility iOS, Android
License Type Subscription
Service Type 100% Cloud Based

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Today's widely-adopted BYOD environments provide efficient ways for staff and employees to conduct business communications, but it also opens up certain risks to data leakage as well as loss of production on company time. However, with Kanguru Endpoint Protector: Mobile Device Management (MDM), administrators can monitor and create policy restrictions for use of mobile device users in order to protect sensitive data from leaving the network, and improve work efficiency.


Easy to Use

Kanguru Endpoint Protector Mobile Device Management provides an easy-to-use, administrative dashboard for convenient and secure monitoring of mobile devices on the network. From one convenient console, administrators can define and enforce policies, silently monitor activity, take action, block devices, and even log and report actions.


About Device Control (DC)

Proactively control and secure usage of mobile devices by setting strong and effective security policies for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones: (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.): 

    • • Track and locate mobile devices
    • • Detect mobile device incidents and enforce remote data wipe or device locking in the event of device loss or theft
    • • Manage App use
    • • Manage passwords
    • • Enforce device encryption
    • • Log and report on device activity history

  • Specify Policies, Inspect and Enforce Compliance


      Set organization-wide administrative policies from one central location and manage rules:

    • •  Inspect data transfers
    • •  Detect transactions (credit card, etc.)

    Set Passive or Active Reporting


      Exercise passive or active reporting to audit activities:


    • •  Choose to block immediately, or silently report activities
    • •  Learn when, how and who is attempting to take data outside of the network



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All Kanguru Defender USB devices are:
  • AES 256-Bit Hardware Encrypted
  • Easy to Use
  • Tamper-Proof
  • TAA Compliant
  • Remotely Manageable
  • Protected by BitDefender Anti-Virus
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