Bellridge-Kanguru Endpoint Protector

Kanguru Endpoint Protector

100% Cloud-Based Endpoint Security Protection From One Convenient Console


Quick Overview:

Kanguru Endpoint Protector is a 100% Cloud based, highly configurable Endpoint Security Management system for administrators of a corporate network. Kanguru Endpoint Protector encompasses three powerful ways to control and supervise data within an organization: Device Control (DC), Content Aware Protection (CAP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Each solution is available separately, or as complete Endpoint bundles for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android mobile devices.

In today’s BYOD environment, system administrators need a strong, all around security solution to protect their managed environment from all kinds of threats. The rapid adoption of portable storage devices like USB flash drives, easy-to-upload Cloud based storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, and the variety of smartphones being used in corporate environments make it a complex for environment for a system administrator to protect confidential data from getting lost or stolen in the shuffle.

Using the easily deployable Kanguru Endpoint Protector, administrators can minimize potential risks of data loss and data theft, conveniently managing the mobile device fleet from a single centralized online console from anywhere, at any time.



Advanced Features:


    •  Protect managed PCs or Macs from being used with unauthorised hardware peripherals

    •  Easily lockdown computers to support only authorised devices

    •  Scan MS Word files, PFD files, emails, web links, clipboard, screen captures & other common content types for sensitive information

    •  Prevent copying of corporate IP out of your network

    •  Enforce smartphone and tablet policies for all employees using their own handheld devices in the corporate environment

    •  Centrally monitor and audit managed devices for any rule violations

  • •  Choose from options like stealth monitoring or outright denying any violations based on perceived threat level

  • •  Create and apply policies at organisation (company) level, group level, computer level, or user level

  • •  Support remote employees with Offline Code to temporarily allow rule bypass in cases where an Internet connection is not available

  • •  Easily export audit logs to .csv files for import into Excel or your own corporate auditing system for further processing

  • •  Easy subscription licensing to spread overall expense out over 1-3 years instead of a large upfront payment  


Technical Specifications:

Model Number KEP-Series
Device Control (DC) Compatibility Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, OS X
Content Aware Protection (CAP) Compatibility Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, OS X 
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Compatibility iOS, Android
License Type Subscription 
Service Type 100% Cloud Based

Product Description

Kanguru Endpoint Protector offers highly granular yet easy to deploy options to protect corporate IP from being compromised either via physically connecting hardware peripherals like portable USB storage drives, or via insider threats of confidential information being uploaded through web browsers, sent as attachment via e-mails, or copy/ pasted to clipboard for unauthorized use.

The 3 modules of Device Control (DC), Content Aware Protection (CAP), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) can be used independent of each other, with each module increasing the security of your managed environment independent of each other, or can be purchased and used together, thereby placing the most comprehensive security options at your fingertips. 


Centralized, Anytime, Anywhere Fleet Management

Kanguru Endpoint Protector's online console offers a bird's eye view of all your managed corporate assets in a single, visually appealing and easy to follow information page (dashboard). While the dashboard offers an account level view, an easy to use menu navigation system allows you to get detailed insights into configured policies and also update and apply any policy changes to one, many or all of your managed devices. It does not get simpler than this.


Content Aware Protection (CAP)

Choose from a variety of filters to determine the best protection level for your corporate environment. Worried about unauthorised copying of source code, employee SSNs, credit cards or employee addresses? Just set the filters to trigger based on any of the following parameters or based on a combination thereof: 

    • •  File extensions (.c, .cpp, .java, .py, .mp3, .Word, Excel, PowerPoint        and more)
    • •  URL lists
    • •  Custom content (create your own dictionary of suspicious terms)
    • •  Domain lists
    • •  More complex querying using Regular Expressions

Kanguru Endpoint Protector enables you to scan content being sent over:
    • •  Browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more)
    • •  Email clients (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, IBM Lotus Notes,                 Windows Live Email and more)
    • •  Instant messaging clients (Skype, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger,                     Windows Messenger, Pidgin and more)
    • •  Cloud services (Google Drive client, iCloud client, uTorrent,                     Dropbox, OneDrive and more) 
    • •  Network shares and FTP, printers, clipboard, print screen

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Kanguru Endpoint Protector offers the ability to create enhanced security policy for your iOS and Android smartphones, along with detailed monitoring and reporting of device activity. Set password policies, allow or disallow granular features like camera use, Facetime, Siri, screen capture, voice dialing, In-App purchases, multiplayer gamnig and much more.

In addition, manage connectivity options on your managed mobile device (Wi-Fi, Proxy), apps on the device and Geofencing.

Also control your organisational costs by disallowing Data Roaming on the mobile device, all from the comfortable user interface of the centralised console.


Reporting and Analysis

Get either high level overview or granular details of all monitoring and audit activity on your managed corporate assets from the centralised console. View all activity including any rule violations, access blocked etc. Easily export reports to .csv files for importing into your own corporate audit solution or into Excel for further processing.


Which Secure Drive is Best for You?
All Kanguru Defender USB devices are:
  • AES 256-Bit Hardware Encrypted
  • Easy to Use
  • Tamper-Proof
  • TAA Compliant
  • Remotely Manageable
  • Protected by BitDefender Anti-Virus
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