Bellridge-Kanguru Local Administrator

Kanguru Local Administrator

Configuration Software for Defender Devices


Quick Overview:


Kanguru Local Administrator™ (KLA) is an enterprise-class administrative application for managing and configuring secure Kanguru Defender drives. This is the perfect tool for budget-conscious organisations that desire the benefits of remote management, without substantial investment or requiring government certifications. Customise and configure Kanguru Defender 2000, Defender Elite, Defender Basic+, Defender HDD, Defender SSD, Defender DualTrust & Kanguru Virtual Defender Devices.



Advanced Features:


  • •  Customise application settings
  • •  Customise security settings
  • •  Customise device functionality
  • •  Master password functionality*
  • •  Rapid device deployment
  • •  10 Port USB hub included
  • •  Support for Cloud and Enterprise Defender devices.



Technical Specifications:

Model Number UKLA-CT
OS Compatibility Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, 2008
System Requirements - Administrative rights are required
- 50MB of available storage space
- Minimum 1GB RAM
- 1.0GHz CPU or better
Shipping Weight 1 lb

Product Description

Kanguru Local Administrator (KLA) is an enterprise class administrative application for managing and configuring select Kanguru flash drives. Administrators can configure a wide variety of security and device features - before distributing the devices to employees. Up to 12 devices can be configured at a time, streamlining the setup and deployment process.

KLA employs advanced security features that allow administrators to customise password strength, number of password tries, expiration and timeout period. The save and load features allow the administrator to save the customised device and security policy settings and use the configuration file at a later date. These advanced features make it simple to ensure proper standardisation on all devices.

This is the perfect tool for administrators working with secure flash drives!

The Kanguru Local Administrator supports the following devices:

  • •  Kanguru Defender 2000
  • •  Kanguru Defender Elite
  • •  Kanguru Defender V2
  • •  Kanguru Defender Basic+
  • •  Kanguru Defender HDD/SSD
  • •  Kanguru Defender DualTrust
  • •  Kanguru Virtual Defender

Key Features

  • •  Customise password and security features
    • -  Password Complexity
    • -  Password Length
    • -  Number of retries
    • -  Timeout period
    • -  Password expiration
  • •  Password iteration restrictions 
  • •  Network access restrictions
  • •  Antivirus settings
  • •  Master password functionality*
  • •  User password functionality
  • •  Auto Un-mount functionality
  • •  Device functionality customisations
  • •  Device reset functionality
  • •  Save/Load device settings to file(s)
  • •  Bulk setup (up to 12 drives at a time) 

NEW Features!

  • •  Customise user information that is displayed on the device login 
  •  • screen
  • •  Control network communication, proxy and updates
  • •  Customise Antivirus settings
  • •  Copy settings from one device to other connected devices
  • •  Support for software based write protect on select Defender 
  •  • models
  • •  Improved Device Control integration
  • •  Backup and restore setting for the UKLA application
  • •  Electronically import devices to KRMC Enterprise directly from 
  •  • UKLA
  • •  Support for updating the UKLA application from within the 
  •  • application

The KLA application is installed on the administrator's workstation and devices must be plugged in locally in order to change settings. For information on managing devices remotely, see KRMC.

Package Contents

  • •  Software application CD - (1) workstation license
  • •  10 Port USB Hub

* Please consult with your Kanguru sales rep for full details on support for KLA and Master Password support for Cloud.

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