Kanguru USB Drives With A Physical Write Protect Switch

Protect USB From Infected Systems, and Lock Data From Accidental Erase

Kanguru is proud to offer USB flash drives, solid state drives (SSD) and hard drives (HDD) with a physical write protect switch. IT professionals and users alike benefit from this great feature because it provides several great advantages:

  • Protects the USB drive from infected computer systems
  • Locks and protects data from accidental erasure / overwrite
  • Prevents files on the drive from being added or removed

A Physical Write Protect Switch is ideal for conducting tests and IT work on infected computers when the drive is switched to read-only mode. Read-Only protects the flash drive from viruses or malware by preventing the drive from being written to so you can work safely. It also helps protect the data files from being accidentally overwritten or saved over, preserving the data.

Kanguru Products With A Physical Write Protect Switch:

Defender Elite300™
Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive

Defender Elite30™

Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive

Kanguru FlashTrust™

Secure FirmwareFlash Drive

Kanguru SS3™

High-Performance Flash Drive

Kanguru UltraLock™

Available As HDD or SSD

Kanguru UltraLock™


Kanguru FlashBlu30™

USB 3.0 Flash Drive