Kanguru USB External Drives 

are TAA Compliant

Which Kanguru External Drive 

is Best for You?

Kanguru Standard USB External Drives

Lots of Space and Convenient Features

Kanguru HDD and SSDs are an upgrade alternative to traditional hard drives, designed to give you convenience, ruggedness, and ease of portability. Kanguru provides SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Gen 2 compatibility options, tons of storage space, and high transfer speeds to handle any task.

Physical write-protect switch

Kanguru is proud to offer USB external drives with a physical write protect switch. IT professionals and users alike benefit from this great feature providing several great advantages: 

• Protects the drive from infected computer systems 

• Locks and protects data from accidental erasure / overwrite 

• Prevents files on the drive from being added or removed

SUPERSPEED USB 3.0 Interface

Features USB 3.0 technology for lightning-fast data transfers, while also maintaining compatibility with USB 2.0. 

Connecting Kanguru USB external drives to a USB 3.0 supported USB port provides superior read / write speeds for quick, easy and convenient transfer of data.


Kanguru's USB drives internal controller is able to self-check the digital signature of the firmware and verify that it is valid. If the firmware has been modified in any way by a third party, the signature validation will fail and the device will cease operation, preventing an attack to a network.

TAA COmpliant

Kanguru is proud to offer its TAA Compliant products. TAA Compliance means that manufactured products meet the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for purchase by government funds, and ensures clients that these products are assembled in the U.S.A. or other approved TAA-designated countries. 

By meeting this criteria, Kanguru demonstrates confidence in the value, quality and craftmanship of its products, authorising them for purchase by government resources.


Kanguru USB external drives can be special ordered with customised options such as engraved logos, text and unique identifiers for quantity orders. Contact our team about customising your order on 02 8904 0172, or email us at sales@bellridge.com.au