Kanguru Optical Drives
are TAA Compliant 

Different Types of Optical Media Will Burn Data at Different Rates 

Kanguru DVD & Blu-ray Burners

TAA-Compliant Optical Burners

Kanguru DVD and Blu-ray RW Drives provide high speed CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning for PC, Notebook & Mac users. Available in high speed USB 2.0*, providing plug and play connectivity and fast data transfer for no hassle CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning.

*All Kanguru external optical drives run off USB 2.0. The effective throughput of USB 2.0’s signaling rate is 35MB/s, which provides enough bandwidth to support the max burning speeds for Bluray (6x = 27MB/s), DVD (16x = 22MB/s) and CD (52x = 8 MB/s). Please note that actual write speed will be affected by other factors like the quality of the disc, available system resources, and the type of data being written to the disc. USB 2.0 is compatible with USB 3.0.

TAA COmpliant

Kanguru is proud to offer its TAA Compliant products. TAA Compliance means that manufactured products meet the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for purchase by government funds, and ensures clients that these products are assembled in the U.S.A. or other approved TAA-designated countries. 

By meeting this criteria, Kanguru demonstrates confidence in the value, quality and craftmanship of its products, authorising them for purchase by government resources.

SUPERSPEED USB 2.0 Interface

Kanguru optical drives utilise USB2.0 connectivity, providing plug and play ability and fast burn speeds. 


Select Kanguru optical drives feature protected firmware that cannot be modified or tampered by a third-party. If an intrusion of malware from third-party hacking is a concern, Kanguru drives can be trusted on your computer or network.

Buffer Underrun Protection

Keep the burning session alive even if a stream of data is broken. Kanguru's buffer underrun protection function will prevent the burner from stopping it's burning process and making a coaster.

Plug & play

Providing plug and play ability so that you can use the drive with just about any system. Simply plug the drive into an available USB port for instant access.