Complete Stand-Alone Operation

Kanguru offers a variety of duplication modes to meet all
of your cloning needs.

Kanguru Blu-ray Duplicators

Blu-ray Duplication Systems

These high-quality, feature-rich Blu-ray Duplicators are designed to streamline data duplication and backup for Blu-ray discs, DVDs  and CDs. As stand-alone units, they do not require a computer to use, but can be connected to a PC through USB for custom burning.

The user friendly LCD interface and intuitive menu enables you to perform multiple tasks quickly and easily. Store frequently duplicated projects in the duplicator’s built-in hard drive for added convenience (certain models).

Hotkeys and easy to use LCD display

User-friendly interface with an intuitive menu enables you to perform tasks such as Compare, Copy and Compare, Test, Test and Copy, Mix Audio Tracks, Erase and Auto Copy functions with ease.

Multi-lingual Support

Support for several different languages.

Stand-Alone Operation

As stand-alone units, Kanguru blu-ray duplicators do not require a computer to use, but can be connected to a PC through USB for custom burning.


Kanguru is proud to offer its TAA Compliant products. TAA Compliance means that manufactured products meet the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for purchase by government funds, and ensures clients that these products are assembled in the U.S.A. or other approved TAA-designated countries.

By meeting this criteria, Kanguru demonstrates confidence in the value, quality and craftmanship of its products, authorising them for purchase by government resources.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranty plans are available in 1 and 2

year periods and are added onto your Kanguru

Duplicator original warranty package.