Kanguru's Convenient 

Duplication Modes

Kanguru Duplicators Offer a Variety of Duplication Modes for Ease and Convenience

Whether you need thorough duplication of many types of data storage peripherals and a variety of different brands, or you're just looking for the fastest way to clone drives quickly, Kanguru's Duplicator Modes provide convenient options for duplicating data the way you want it done.



Disk/Full mode copies drives completely, sector by sector from the Source to the Target(s), and supports all file systems and OS's (DOS/ Windows/ Mac/ Linux). Though it is the slowest of all methods, it is the most reliable method of accurately duplicating all content.


Brief Mode copies only the sectors that contain data (including information hidden in sub channels) while skipping any blank sectors on drives with supported file systems, thus reducing overall duplication time significantly. This mode is the fastest copy mode, however it only supports specific file systems.


This mode enables copying from a smaller capacity source to larger capacity target drives. Resize copy supports the following file systems: FAT, FAT 32, NTFS.


Smart Copy Mode is only available on the KanguruClone HD SATA Pro Duplicator models, & automatically selects the best copy mode for you based on the connected drives.


Image Mode allows you to load and copy disk images as your source.


Data is sent to all target devices simultaneously. All target devices are connected at the start of the duplication and are completed at the same time.


Data is sent to all target devices independently. Target devices can be hot-swapped in and out of the duplicator as they are completed while the duplication job continues running