Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicators are TAA Compliant

Kanguru offers a variety of duplication modes to meet all of your cloning needs.

Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicators

Multi-Target Hard DriveDuplication Systems

Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicators are ultra-high performance duplicators that can copy up to several hard drives and solid state drives simultaneously. These stand-alone units will clone the boot sector, operating system, applications and data easily at the touch of a button. 

A feature-rich LCD makes the process extremely quick and easy! Just attach your master drive and blank drives, then press the copy button. It can even copy a small capacity drive to a larger capacity drive with all original content intact! 

High-Performance, Ultra-Fast, Easy-to-Use and Affordable

A new feature of the KanguruClone Pro Duplicator series is the ability to resize copy a larger capacity hard drive to a smaller one, or even migrate HDDs to SSDs! Learn More

SYstem Rollouts

Quickly clone one master driveto multiple target drives.

Hard Drive Upgrades

Copy smaller drives onto larger replacement drives.

Stand-Alone Operation

As stand-alone units, Kanguru hard drive duplicators do not require a computer to use. 

Secure Erase

Kanguru duplicators feature a secure erase feature which wipes drives and prevents data from being recovered. Completely remove all data from drives before disposal or re-use.


Kanguru is proud to offer its TAA Compliant products. TAA Compliance means that manufactured products meet the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for purchase by government funds, and ensures clients that these products are assembled in the U.S.A. or other approved TAA-designated countries.

By meeting this criteria, Kanguru demonstrates confidence in the value, quality and craftmanship of its products, authorising them for purchase by government resources.