Kanguru Announces A Unique Security Platform for Customers To Easily Manage Their Personal Information

Kanguru is proud to announce the launch of a whole new innovative idea in data protection for the everyday user - the Kanguru Defender LifePlanner™.

Why Kanguru Strongly Recommends Having A Robust USB Security Policy In Place

Robust security polices like Kanguru Remote Management and Defender Encrypted Flash Drives are crucial for organizations to avoid reckless scenarios.

Customising Your Kanguru USB Drives

Customisation can be a great way to provide brand recognition, establish identity for drives, provide extra security, and many other benefits.

Kanguru Secure Firmware, Hardware Encrypted USB Drives Can Stop USB-Based Ransomware Attacks

With warnings of new USB-based Ransomware attacks, Kanguru's Defender Secure USB drives mean organizations can rest easy and avoid threats like this.

How Kanguru FlashTrust™ Secure Firmware USB Flash Drive Helps Protect Organisations From Malware

Kanguru FlashTrust provides a layer of protection from malware attacks and "badUSB"  - but is it really as bad as it sounds?

Covid-19 Vaccine Research Organisations Under Siege By Hackers

Kanguru Military-Grade Encrypted USB Drives Can Help defend against hackers brute-force cyber-attacks, and protect sensitive data.

Kanguru Products are TAA Compliant

We are proud to offer Kanguru TAA Compliant products to government organisations - so what exactly does that mean?