Which USB Flash Drive
Is Best For You?

Compare Kanguru Standard USB Flash Drive Options

Kanguru offers a wide variety of flexible options to choose from when it comes to portable data storage. Does your organisation worry about the potential for a malware attack? Are you looking for a high-performance USB drive or are you simply looking for economy? Kanguru has a drive for you. 

All Kanguru standard flash drives are USB 3.0, and to our write-protect customers - we hear you! Kanguru are the only remaining company that still manufactures flash drives with a physical write protect switch, another indication of how Kanguru is driven to serve your needs.

Physical Write-protect switch

Superspeed usb 3.0

Protected secure firmware digitally-signed, rsa-2048 bit*

Available in 512GB Capacity

High Strength Aluminium housing

Custom Engraving available

TAA Compliance

Windows compatible

MAC Compatible

Linux compatible

Snap-on-back cap

Read speeds**

Up to 260MB /sec

Up to 400MB /sec

Up to 120MB /sec

Up to 250MB /sec

Write SPeeds**

Up to 260MB/

Up to 300MB/

Up to 50MB/

Up to 260MB/

LED Activity indicator light

Certified Windows To Go®

* Immune to "badUSB" threats or firmware tampering

** Read and write speeds can depend upon capacity, size, type and number of files being transferred, type of OS, and the computer's hardware configuration