Kanguru Defender® Anti-Virus by BitDefender®

Defend Your Data from Potential Viruses, Malware, or Spyware


Kanguru Solutions, manufacturer of secure, portable IT storage solutions, and BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of anti-malware security solutions, have partnered to provide world-class anti-virus protection to Kanguru Defender® secure flash drives, secure hard drives and secure solid state drives. This powerful protection guards not only your data on the flash drive from potential viruses, malware and spyware threats, but also prevents your flash drive from becoming a potential carrier of any possible threats to your system and network as well.

Kanguru Anti-Virus Protection consistently scans in the background, and can be paused, resumed, stopped and even disabled by the user if so desired. Users may even scan specific files and view scan logs for complete diagnosis. 

Kanguru Anti-Virus will alert users if an attempt is made to copy a data file to the USB drive that is infected - preventing it from being added to the secure drive and provides actions that can be taken. Even if an attempt is made to extract compressed files containing a virus, the action is stopped and the user is alerted.


  • Onboard Anti-Virus
  • Powered by BitDefender®
  • Real-time virus and malware scanning
  • Scan any host PC for viruses & malware
  • Automatically checks for updates
  • Free definition updates for 1, 2 and 3 years





One (1) Year, Two (2) Year or Three (3) Year


• Kanguru Defender 3000

• Kanguru Defender 2000

• Kanguru Defender Elite300

• Kanguru Defender Elite200

• Kanguru Defender Elite30 

• Kanguru BioElite30

• Kanguru Defender HDD300

• Kanguru Defender SSD300

• Kanguru Defender HDD

• Kanguru Defender SSD

A 30-day FREE trial is included on all Kanguru Defender® secure flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives. User may choose whether to purchase a (1) one or (2) two year Anti-Virus subscription for a nominal fee to continue receiving all of the latest protection updates.