KRMC Local Administrator™ (KLA)

Configuration Software for Kanguru Defender® Secure Drives


Kanguru Local Administrator (KLA) is an enterprise class administrative application for managing and configuring select Kanguru flash drives. Administrators can configure a wide variety of security and device features before distributing the devices to employees.

Administrators can configure and assign a wide variety of security and functionality features before distributing devices to employees and staff, which will greatly simplify end-user setup and assure all devices are in line with company policy. Up to eight devices can be configured at a time, and a customised configuration file with all Security Policy Settings can be saved to implement more USB drives at a later date, further streamlining the setup and deployment process. Customise password strength, length, restrict number of password attempts, and set expiration / timeout periods. Administrators can even pre-load data files onto the drives prior to issuing to users. These advanced features make it simple to ensure proper security and standardisation of secure USB for any organisation. 

This is the perfect tool for administrators to maintain and manage an organisation's data inside and outside and comply with security regulations. Defender USB flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives configured with KLA can be managed and monitored, protecting your organisation's sensitive data.

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  • Customise application settings
  • Pre-load Data Files to USB Drives Prior to Issuing
  • Customise security settings
  • Customise device functionality
  • Master password functionality*
  • Rapid device deployment
  • Supports KRMC Cloud and Enterprise





• Windows 10

• Windows 8 

• Windows XP* 

• Windows Vista 

• Windows 7 / 2003 / 2008


Kanguru Local Administrator supports the following secure USB flash and external drives:

• Defender 3000

• Defender Elite300

• Defender Elite30

• Defender Bio-Elite30

• Defender 2000

• Defender Elite200

• Defender HDD/SSD

• includes legacy drives


• Administrative rights are required

• 50MB of available storage space 

• Minimum 1GB RAM 

• 1.0GHz CPU or better


Software application CD - (1) workstation license.

*In line with Microsoft’s End-of-Support announcement for Windows XP™, Kanguru Solutions is ending support for its line of products running on the Windows XP platform. While our devices have been quality tested internally on Windows XP, we cannot guarantee normal operation on an unsupported OS. Please consult your system administrator for an OS upgrade.